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Hello Emmaroos world!


My mother Helgi was the one who inspired me to create Emmaroos brand. As a kid I always saw her sewing, knitting, crocheting and I wished to be as creative and skillful as her. I learned to appreciate the flowers beauty through her eyes and green thumbs. 

When my kids were still little, one day they started to call grandma Helgi Emma. With warm toned name Emma the affection towards roses grew even more, which is now her biggest hobby- a garden with nearly 300 different variety of roses. My mother’s rosegarden was the inspiration to create this brand called Emmaroos. Just like roses


Emmaroos’ clothes are carrying love, respect and hope. 

All Emmaroos products are unique because I want people to feel special while wearing them. I am trying to transfer all the romantic and gentle nature from roses to my dresses. We can't escape life's dark colours and shadows, that's why Emmaroos’ pastel and natural coloured dresses are meant to bring and create bright mood. Even after years, in my imagination a dress should be passed from mother to daughter, keeping a unique bond between two generations. Every dress is truly personal and gets its name inspired from rose species.


Emmaroos has a lot more than rose dresses. The brand also offers princess dresses for little girls, warm sweaters, bags, throw blankets, decorative pillows and other accessories which you can create your own special world with.

I use a lot of reused and recycled materials, always preferring natural instead of artificial. All Emmaroos products from sewing to rich embroidery are handmade with the help of Võrumaa craftsmen. 


If you miss being surrounded by a romantic world, Emmaroos can definitely help you creating one. 


Kaili Viitkin